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DT8 Armchair

Our most sought after product! We present the DT8 armchair. Soft, light and loved by children.

Every year, we produce over 100 new fabric designs for this amazing seat. Therefore it is always trendy and always desired by children.

DT2 Foldable Sofa

Even more fun, thanks to the Delsit DT2 sofa, which is even wider and fold out. Suitable for 2 children.

Easy to use – one move and spread out! It is made of soft and light foam, which makes it a very safe piece of furniture.

DT5 Armchair

Children love our fold-out seat because of its multifunctionality. It can be folded and unfolded in one move!

TEX5 Bean Bag

Filled with polystyrene balls that adapt to the figure when sitting. Lightweight, comfortable and very cooool!

DT21 Woody pouf

A pouf that looks like a trunk. Don’t be fooled – it’s light and soft. Waterproof, intended for indoor and outdoor use.

DT23/DT24 Pillowpad

We present the mattresses DT23 and DT24! Unique soft mattresses, with up to 5 pillows!

TEX6 Bean bag chair

The TEX6 bean bag is even better than its smaller version!
Available with a custom print to make it stand out!

DTB Dry pool

The dry DTB pool will ensure your child’s fun in many ways.
The pool is designed to be filled with balls, it will provide a lot of fun and joy while diving, thus supporting the child’s development.

TEX7 Jumbo Lounger

TEX7 Jumbo Lounger Beanbag

TEX7 is a very comfortable jumbo lounge pillow with granules for children up to 10 years old.

TEX8 Droplet Beanchair

TEX8 Beanbag chair droplet shape

TEX8 is a beanbag chair filled with granules, designed to reproduce the shape of a water drop.