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DT23 / DT24 Pillowpad Mattress

Presenting the DT-23 and the DT-24 pillowpad mattresses!

One of a kind product. Soft mattress stuffed with 5 pillows.

Perfect for playing and relaxing. Very safe for children, as it does not contain any hard frame. It is easy to lift and handle.

Roll-in & roll-out to create fun shapes. Pillows can be removed for cover washing.


  • For children between 9 m and 5 y of age
  • Pillows made of polyester
  • No solid frame – Safe for children
  • Easy to handle, lift and care
  • Cover is made of durable 100% cotton
  • Printed parts made of polyester
  • Finished with colourful trimming
  • Removable zip cover for easy washing

Size and weight

Weight1 kg
Dimensions200 × 70 × 15 cm





Truck load