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New sublimation printing machine arrives at Delta Trade

Delta Trade nowa maszyna do druku

New sublimation printing machine arrives at Delta Trade

We are happy to introduce new dye sublimation printing machine into our production plant.
We have invested in top printing machine that will significantly increase our production volume.

Now, we have the ability to produce a lot more with bigger flexibility.

What excites us the most, is the new printing technology.

Thinking about our ambitious customers who would like to expand on their current offer and stand out from the competition, we are now able to extend the CMYK color palette with fluorescent inks.

Bright colors, brilliant results!
Thanks to the solutions used in new printing machines, we have the opportunity to implement brilliant design ideas recreated in luminous colors.

Interior design in calm, pastel colors.
What’s more, the extended color library offers great and creative possibilities.
Printing software includes a Color Library Printing feature that can be easily installed in Adobe Creative Suite applications, letting you unleash your creativity by using a wide color space.
Thanks to this solution it’s possible to do the printings based on a wider palette of calm and relaxing, pastel colors.

Moving forward
As a leading manufacturer of children furniture we feel obliged to follow and apply all the technological innovations in order to support our clients in achieving their business goals, creating competitive advantages