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Information for customers about a supply disruption

Delta Trade

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Dear clients,

We direct this article to you to inform you as fast as possible about possible order delays.

Situation on the polyurethane foam market is still difficult.

Foam price went up again in 1st week of February while reducing it’s availability at the same time.

We were informed by the foam manufacturers that there will be no production of foam used for our products starting from 3rd week of February until further notice.

We are running out of foam stock and we will be receiving only 1/3 of the volume that’s needed to satisfy our production plan.


Please be aware that your order’s may not be fulfilled within confirmed/scheduled dates.


We are preparing repair solutions.

Our plan is to introduce higher density foam which has higher hardness than the one we are using now and the availability of its foam is better.

However, this solution is connected with higher price of foam.

Your sales assistants will contact you shortly with information about current order status and proposed solution with replacement of higher density foam alongside with new quotes for the new foam.


We count on your understanding of the difficult situation we find ourselves in together.

We hope that the situation with polyurethane foam will finally start to normalize,

so the prices and availability will return to those from the first half of year 2020.




Robert Czaja                                                                          Margaret Czaja

Area Sales Manager                                                                             CEO